The Do’s And Don’ts Of Business Attire

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At your place of work, you need to dress for success because whether you like it or not the way you present yourself has a huge impact on your overall career and also on the way you are perceived by other people. So it is extremely important that you are well dress and for this there are a few things you need to look into: 

Firstly, check the company dress code

This will save you from a lot of wrong choices and unwanted drama when the time comes for you to do some clothes shopping. If the place you are working at is more laid back and is okay with relatively casual attire, then wear causal clothing but still make sure it is appropriate for work (meaning nothing too short or tight). And if they have stricter rules about professional clothing then stick to that. There are still certain things you absolutely cannot wear to an office (this still depends on where you work as well) such as quality boho clothing, no matter how much you may love bohemian clothes you should not be dressed that casually at your place of work.

Your clothes should fit well

Because you can very easily look shabby if the clothing is loose. So if the articles of clothing you bought are clearly big then get them altered to fit you, otherwise you might look like a little kid wearing mom’s or dad’s (too big for you) attire. So know your size and try on items before you buy them. Make sure you take someone along on the shopping trip with you so you can get their opinion on the clothes too.

You need to look clean and well groomed

Basically you need to look like you put in some effort before you rolled into work this morning. Keep your hair and body clean by showering often. Always brush your teeth in the morning and carry breath-mints with you as well. Make sure to wash the clothes that you have to wear to work the next day. Iron out wrinkles otherwise you will just look careless and unkempt. Use perfume but in moderation, do not spray so much that everyone around you chokes from the strong fragrance coming off of you.

Look well put together and make the right colour choices

Select items that do not look out of place when you decide to wear them together. Make sure the colours do no clash or look too gaudy. Do your best to make sure that your clothes go well together for instance, you cannot show up at a business meeting wearing any of your favourite bohemian style tops as you may not be taken seriously, in this environment at least.